Planning a long journey? Make sure that your car is safe for the road.

The summer is finally here and if you’re planning a long journey make sure you follow our checklist to ensure that you’re safe for the road.

1. Firstly and very importantly you will need to check that your tyres are at the correct pressure. To do this you will need to find out the correct pressure for your vehicle either in the vehicle’s manual, inside the petrol cap or inside the drivers door. At your nearest petrol station you should take off the dust cap, and then press the air gauge evenly onto the pressure gauge. If you are using a digital gauge you should only need to press a button in order for the air pressure to be read automatically. Once at the correct pressure remove the gauge and replace the dust cap. Remember to check the spare tyre too!

2. You should be checking the oil in your vehicle each month anyway but it is particularly important before a long journey. Pull the dipstick out. Clean it off on a bit of kitchen towel. Replace the back into the pipe. Pull the dipstick back out and note how high the oil is. It should be somewhere between the two engraved marks.

3. Check and top up your screen wash regularly- if not you could end up with an £1,000 fine and 3 points on your licence.

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